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In Monsters of the King, you take control of Sister Brains, a mass of floating gray matter whose job consists of making sure the hero doesn't make it to the boss. You lay out the monsters King Big Honker gives you using the mouse, and you make sure the hero knight runs into them.

While I'd already figured out the concept before, the Backwards Name gamejam inspired me to develop it, based on existing game King of the Monsters' title. Runners up in my list include Gods War, Wing X vs Fighter Tie, Time Burger, Man Bomber and The Castle Crazy Bunny Bugs.

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
TagsBoss battle, giant-brain, jumping, knight, old-school, Parody, princess, Side Scroller, strategy, villains
Player countSingleplayer


Monsters of the King.exe (15 MB)